What should I wear?

Come on, you know this was your first question!

There are multiple events this time so it depends. For the Homecoming game, just dress in SBHS colored casual wear. You know you have some “sable and cardinal bright” clothing in your closet somewhere.

For the Saturday night party you can leave the formal wear and cocktail dresses at home. Instead, think: Date Night Dressy. Wear something you would wear on a nice date with your significant other – slacks and a button-down or NICE jeans and a sweater for men. Ladies, go ahead and pull out the cute dress you’ve been wanting to wear, or put on nice pants and a fashionable top. We’ll have some great ‘80s and ‘90s music, so wear your dancing shoes.

If the event is cancelled, will I get my money back?

Yes. If we have to cancel the event for lack of interest (or any other reason), everyone who purchases a ticket will get a refund based on PayPal’s refund policies.

Will we receive a paper ticket?

The ticketing system we’re exploring will allow you to purchase tickets online and a ticket will be emailed to you (or you can print one out at the time of purchase). We will NOT be mailing paper tickets to attendees. The eTicket you get from the ticketing system will be your “ticket” which will be required at check-in for each event.

I’m a last-minute sort of person; can I purchase a ticket at the door?

Come on, guys! Please don’t make it complicated. We need to give a final headcount to the venue prior to the event so they can have enough food and (ahem!) alcohol on hand. The ticketing system is great for helping us keep track of the cashflow and create a list of who will attend. Please support your classmates and pay for the event in advance.

Okay, fine. We’re about 95% sure we will be able to sell tickets at the door but restrictions will apply.

Seriously, I like to wait until the last minute. When is the deadline to purchase tickets?

We don’t have any dates yet, but tickets will be more expensive the longer you wait.

Do I need to bring any money?

Yes, if you want to buy refreshments at the game, or drink alcohol at the Saturday night event. Although tickets must be purchased online in advance, you will need to pay for your own drinks at the reunion. You may also want to bring cash or a credit card in case you need to take a taxi or register with Uber in advance (come on now it’s the 21st century) – we’re old enough to know better than to drink and drive!

Where will the events take place?

The Homecoming game will be at good ole’ SBHS. The party will be at the Mill Creek Cattle Co near the University of Redlands in Mentone.

How can I be sure that the people I want to see will be at the reunion?

Great question! Send your friends a link to this website and tell them to buy their ticket ASAP. Then join our Facebook page (over 1,000 members at last count) and see who’s talking about it!

 Why should I come to this reunion? I think I’ll just wait for my class’ 25th or 30th reunion.

Planning a reunion is a LOT of work! It’s possible that nobody from your class will want to do this again (especially on a “5” year). Plus, you won’t get to see people from other classes and the turnout will likely be much smaller.

I went to Cajon or San G (or some other nearby school), can I still come?

Sure! If you knew people who went to SBHS in the late ’80s or early ’90s and you want to re-connect with them, this would be a great event for you to attend. Keep in mind, though, that we may not have any awesome photos of you in the slide show sporting your big hair or out-of-date clothes.

Wait a minute! Will there be embarrassing photos of me at this reunion?

Probably. We will have a slide show with pictures from all the old yearbooks and we’ll be gathering up snapshots from people who still have them.

 I still have questions. Who can I contact?

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